Space Saver Bathroom Designs For Modern Homes

It is incredibly challenging to come up with decorating ideas that do not clutter the small space. Space saving bathroom designs are a smart choice for modern homes with limited room. Wall-mounted toilet, shower stall, flat mirror with a narrow sink, sliding door, shower curtain (skip door), float with vanity, fountain style sink, simple storage etc. can make a big difference to the interiors of a small bathroom. Just skip that shower door and expand the wall-mounting mirror, and see the difference. Install a small corner sink instead of a pedestal sink to leave more room. Get more ideas for space saver bathroom designs right here.

Whether you have a really small bathroom or wish to utilize the space optimally, these ideas are of great use. If there is barely any space for a sink and toilet, and the shower cannot fit in, the fixtures and design layout hardly matter. However, smart ideas can still change your small world to accommodate all the essentials in a compact bathroom and still look spacious.

Yes, it is possible! Let’s tell you how.

Choose A Wall-Mounted Smart Toilet

Even a few inches saved can expand the space in front of the commode. Opt for a wall-mounted toilet in which tanks are usually stored behind the bathroom’s wall, thus saving a lot of space. Moreover, these toilets look stylish and elegant too!

Install Wall-Mounted Faucets

Countertop faucets require a lot of space i.e. between the wall and the sink. However, the wall-mounted faucets placed over the sink can literally save some precious surface space. Not everyone likes such a space saver bathroom design. So, you can even install the faucet to one side of the sink.

Space saver bathroom designs

Choose European Wet Room Bathroom Layout

European wet room layout is a hassle-free complete bathroom with no segregation for the shower stall and other bathroom accessories. In just 3×3 feet, this space maximizing bathroom can be installed and used regularly. As the name suggests, everything in this bathroom can and does get wet. The showerhead is located right above the toilet with a small sink on its side and a proper drain done on the floor, right in the center. Even a small bathroom space can have the basics in this style. While it may not be extremely pleasing aesthetically, it is a perfect option for those who are looking to manage things in a small bath space.

Explore The Toilet And Sink Combination

When the bathroom space is really tight, this smart invention can be a savior. Fresh water from the faucet drains into the tank for flush – that is the idea of having a toilet and sink combination. While it might seem to be a cumbersome design, often not delightfully preferred, it is a space saver bathroom design, no doubt!

Try Toilet Combined With An Extended Counter

This is a very common design in luxury hotels – a clever and creative move for low profile yet organized small bathroom design. This leaves adequate space for an extended counter with a shelf. You can even place a box of tissues and other items for regular use on the counter. Moreover, its proximity to the shower would also allow you to keep your shampoo, conditioner and other essentials on the counter.

Take your pick! If you have suggestions please share with us. We’ll soon add up many more ideas on this!