A Guide to a Handleless Kitchen

The interior decoration of a house has evolved with minimalistic and sleek designs gaining prominence. Like all other rooms of your home, your kitchen has also benefitted from the innovations in style and technology. The last 10 years have seen a particular rise in fame of the handleless kitchen which is the latest trend in the décor of kitchens. With so many options available, this article helps you to know what handleless kitchens are all about and how to select one for your home.

How a Handless Kitchen Works

  • It is a style that finds its roots in the Bauhaus style of the early 20th
  • The design of the kitchen is simple but with high functionality.
  • It does not have ornamentation and facades to decorate it.
  • It loses the handles of the cupboard and the drawer which are not much of a necessity anymore.
  • The kitchen looks uniformly styled and is more efficient.

Practical Application of the Idea of a Handleless Kitchen

Handleless Kitchen

Base Units

  • The base units in your kitchen depend on grips rather than handles.
  • The handleless drawers and cupboards have a solid stainless channel in their top line which gives them the true handleless
  • The channel makes a gap where your finger fit in and you can pull easily to open their doors.
  • This eliminates the need to touch the front part of your cabinet and keeps it free of finger marks.
  • When one drawer is at the bottom of another, a recessed channel in the middle allows full access to it.
  • This stainless steel channel is fitted after the whole kitchen is set up to allow its continuity throughout the kitchen.
  • This option is best for an impressive sleek look for your kitchen.

Wall Units

  • For wall units, a similar style is followed as in the base units.
  • An integrated groove in the cabinet’s bottom shelf allows space for your fingers and easy access.
  • The tall units have a recessed channel of stainless steel that creates a shadow gap channel.
  • Two neighboring tall units have this gap between them to make room for your fingers.
  • This gap is usually 25 mm and is not distinguishable which keeps the look of the handleless kitchen flowing smoothly.
  • There can also be horizontal channels in some tall units that are fitted across their length.

Channel Color Choices

  • The channel that lines your cabinets in the kitchen comes in any color that you want.
  • The standard colors are stainless steel in black and white.
  • You can match it with the color in the rest of the kitchen.
  • As it stays in the shadow, it looks slightly darker than your furniture’s color.

Benefits of a Handleless Kitchen

  • As already mentioned, it creates a clutter-free and minimalistic environment in your kitchen.
  • It is the best choice if the space for your kitchen is small.
  • It removes the possibility of many accidents that could occur because of handles.

A handleless kitchen will suitably fit into your home. Remember the information given above to make the right choice when selecting a handleless kitchen design.