How To Choose The Perfect Backsplash For Your Kitchen

When it comes to designing a kitchen, we pay attention to all the details like the modular kitchen set up, the appliances as well as the doorknobs on the cabinets. Like the wall of a room, the backsplash also has a say in what the overall appeal of your kitchen is. We tend to ignore the importance of kitchen backsplash by either sticking to background the apartment originally had or just letting the countertop dictate the color of the wall behind it. Let us not do that anymore since choosing the right kitchen backsplash can help reduce staining and also enhance the visual appeal of your cooking area.

The Options You Have

The market is thronging with tiles and other materials that can be used in the backsplash area. If you do not spend much time researching, you will later regret not having known about the other design options you could have chosen. The currently trending backsplashes for kitchens are:

  • Metallic tiles are available in different shades and multiple finishes like brushed stainless steel, antique brass or oil-rubbed bronze.
  • Granite panels with a mix and match of marble tiles.
  • Glass styles with crackle and frost finish.
  • Classic white ceramic tiles in different sizes.

How To Stay In Your Budget

After spending a fortune on the modular kitchen and appliances, you can opt for the liberty of cutting costs when purchasing material for the backsplash of your kitchen.  There is no need for you to pick the modern elaborate designer tiles when you can choose traditional whiter ceramic for the background.  Settling for the cheapest option is not ideal as you may not get the right size and the quality may be bad making the tiles not properly stick to the wall.

choosing kitchen backsplash

An alternative affordable option is using stainless steel sheets as they are durable and are available in a variety of finishes, although they can be a hassle to clean. Installing the tiles on your own instead of hiring a professional can help reduce those costs but you should have some experience to be able to deal with the matter.

Do Not Make These Mistakes While Choosing A Kitchen Backsplash

  • Not Checking How The Tiles Look In The Background Of Your Kitchen. In stores or on online sites, materials can look a lot different. Ask for samples and place them on your countertop to see how they look in your kitchen lighting.
  • Not Taking Proper Measurements. This is a common mistake people do when buying tiles for a kitchen backsplash. You have to account for the space taken up by the outlets and other details when giving measurements to a store or DIYing it.

We hope this tips will help you choose the right kitchen backsplash for your cooking area and create an atmosphere that motivates you to eat more home cooked food and spend time with loved ones.