Choosing The Right Wedding Centerpiece For Your Wedding

We know how important it is for you to make sure that every detail of the decoration at your wedding venue is perfect. Since the guests are going to spend most of their time sitting on their allocated table you must look into making the place setting beautiful. The best way to add a touch of eclectic décor to the tables is by adding a breathtaking wedding centerpieces and keeping the other elements minimalistic. We have the best tips for you to help you pick centerpieces for your wedding that truly complement the feel of the location and the theme of your party.

Complementing The Theme

If you are not going to hire a professional wedding decorator to help you out with the rest, we know you might feel a little overwhelmed with the endless array of centerpiece options that are available. To make the entire process easier, the first thing you must do is decide the theme for your wedding. It need not be extravagant or highly specific, just something you and your partner would be comfortable with. Some choose a more rustic country themed style while others love a classic, romantic plaza ceremony. Now, when you know what the location should look like, pick flowers that have a similar appeal to them.

wedding centerpieces

Your florist will be able to make excellent suggestions in this regard. We have a few choices which will perfectly suit your desired setting according to whichever theme you pick. For example,

  • Using wildflowers and baby’s breath for decorating your centerpiece screams rustic. Using bales of hay to support your chalkboard wedding banner is an excellent tip to suit such a theme.
  • We recommend choosing the ‘layering’ look for the centerpieces of your wedding. The style is trending right now with celebrity wedding decorators implementing this idea in their décor. It can be a little tricky to decide at first where you have to choose 2 or more bouquet arrangements to go for different tables. If you want a colorful theme or have an eye for mix-and-matching, you should definitely incorporate this décor style in your wedding.

Points To Remember While Choosing Wedding Centerpieces

  • First and foremost, you must allot a budget to your centerpieces and pick the flower arrangements accordingly. Pick a more common color scheme, so that you do not have to spend an extravagant amount of money on unique colored flowers as you will not be able to store these perishable items later as memorabilia.
  • Next, size comes into play. Using a tiny centerpiece for bigger tables may make the arrangement look incomplete. With that in mind, do not go for a giant bouquet as it may obstruct your guest’s vision or leave too little space for cutlery on the table.

We hope these tips will come in handy when you are looking into flowers and other décor options for your tables. We want you to have a clear view to pick a perfect wedding centerpiece for your special day to amplify the beauty of your venue.