Compact Kitchen Design for Small Space and Modern Apartments

The kitchen is not just women’s department; it is that corner of the house where the family gathers to wine and dine. However, owing to a sizable populace buying new apartments and the decrease in real estate availability, urban apartments are turning smaller and smaller day-by-day. Sadly, the kitchen becomes the cramped space of small apartments. Despite all odds, you have to consider small kitchen design ideas to use space properly and ensure easy cooking with ample kitchen storage and freedom of mobility. A neatly planned kitchen layout is, thus, very important to determine the exact proportion of space to be used.

Kitchen design ideas for small spaces are not restricted to just an oven and a storage. You can have kitchen cabinets and intricately done small kitchen décor that looks brilliant. It is all about utilizing that little space perfectly. Here are some ideas you might like to try:

#1: Single-Wall Open Kitchen

A practical kitchen design for small space is to utilize a bare wall that stretches long – just visualize mounting the sink, hob, kitchen cabinets and kitchen storage units to the wall. This is possibly the least cluttered linear arrangement that would give you enough space to move and place appliances within reach. This is the best small kitchen décor idea that can accommodate all essentials in passages, closed kitchen or even open floor plans.

kitchen designs for small spaces

However, if you are moving into a studio apartment, consider installing a kitchenette instead of opting for a full-blown kitchen. Kitchenette with wall mounted kitchen storage and adequate space under the counter easily accommodates essential appliances.

#2: L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

If there were the adequate length and breadth space for two kitchen counters, an L-shaped kitchen layout would be apt. this type of kitchen utilizes corners of small apartments, especially in open-floor homes. It also allows free airflow and ease of movement. You can place the sink and hob on different arms for cooking and washing.

Moreover, the L-shape uses free space for small tables and combines cooking plus dining. Small kitchen design experts recommend this type of small kitchen décor for rectangular spaces and cozy homes.

#3: U-shaped Kitchen Layout

Small and enclosed yet wide spaces can be converted into U-shaped kitchen. This is perhaps the most efficient kitchen design layout since it allows you to place the sink, hob, and refrigerator within your reach. It is a compact design that also makes room for breaks between counters for doorways. As there are three walls of this type of kitchen, you can accommodate storage on all the walls and even use wall-mounted open shelves.

#4: Galley Small Kitchen Layout

If there is long and narrow kitchen space, just like a corridor, it can be converted into a galley kitchen layout.

Apt would be the placement of kitchen counters in traditional galley style to ensure free movement when too many cooks arrive. Despite small space, this layout gives enough passageways, adequate storage both above and below the kitchen counters. However, you must choose furniture and fixtures intelligently so that space is utilized properly. For instance, place a triangle for the sink and hob and fit in the refrigerator smartly.

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