A Comprehensive Wedding Décor Checklist For The Nervous Bride-To-Be

We know about the classic wedding jitters that a bride has before walking down the aisle to spend her life with her beloved. Nowadays, those jitters are shared by the couple not just minutes before the big moment, but months. Weddings are no more about the traditional ceremony but the décor that has to be perfect. We know you must be feeling that you are missing out on something or the other, so here’s a wedding décor checklist you could print out and keep in handy to leave no stone unturned to realize your perfect wedding dream. All of the items are not mandatory and you can include the unique elements of your wedding on this list to keep a check on them.

Things You Need For The Wedding Ceremony

You may not want to overlook the details of your wedding ceremony while keeping everything else perfect. After all, this is the most crucial part of the wedding while everything is secondary. Making mistakes in this matter can affect the way you feel during the rest of the party, so the other décor can wait while you concentrate on the ceremony.

  • Welcome banner
  • Seating indicator signs
  • Display of the program
  • Events schedule in their order
  • Aisle markers and runner
  • Ceremony arch and backdrop
  • Vow books
  • Table for keeping materials for the ceremony

Wedding Décor Checklist For Dining

wedding décor checklist

When you sit down for dinner as a newly married couple, everyone’s mood will automatically be uplifted. Seeing the beautifully arranged tables and place setting, they should become hungry. We are sure the caterer will serve the most delicious dishes, so you must arrange for fine cutlery so that the delicacy can be enjoyed.

  • Centerpieces
  • Table garland and runners
  • Table number signs
  • Escort cards
  • Menus
  • Place mats
  • Chargers
  • Salad and dinner plates
  • Silverware
  • Napkins
  • Water and wine glasses
  • Décor for chairs
  • Candles

Décor For Reception

The reception is all about having fun and being merry. The entire party would be drunk on the love of the married duo and amazing cocktails would elevate their joy. A lot of enjoyable elements can be incorporated into this party to click wonderful photos when you dance around with your partner.

  • Guest book table and décor vignette
  • Guest sign
  • Table for gifts
  • Cards sign and receptacle
  • Menu banner
  • Escort cards on display
  • Desert Table with displays and backdrop
  • Cake with stand and topper
  • Display for bar
  • Banner of signature drinks
  • Lighting
  • Display of wedding favors
  • Photo booth with props
  • Seating and tables

We do not want you to worry about getting everything to be perfect. It is your day and you should enjoy it to the fullest. With our wedding décor checklist, you will have a blueprint of the matters to sort out after which you can have fun on your special day without a woe.