A Guide on How to Choose the Right Sofa Cushion

Your old sofa is sitting there with its shabby cushions. It is pretty clear that it needs replacement. So you go to the sofa shop and there are a lot of options that you are staring at. That’s when it hits you, which sofa cushion do you need? Selecting a sofa cushion is difficult without knowing what the features of each type of cushions are. There are many kinds of cushion in the market but they all come down to three basic types. Look below for answers to your sofa shopping troubles.

The Basic Sofa Cushion Types

Sofa Cushion

  1. The All Foam Cushion: This is the first choice when it comes to sofa cushions. It is very common in households that have a budget couch. This cushion is made up of high-density foam at its core. A softer layer of foam covers it. It is convoluted and is also called “egg crate” foam. You must go for this cushion type if you want your soda seat to be very firm. The back cushions are always softer than the seat cushions. This is to avoid the back from pitching forward when sitting. It does not get wrinkled easily too. This is the sofa cushion you must buy if you want easy maintenance. The seats don’t require any plumping, fluffing, or primping once you get. It maintains its shape itself.
  2. The Spring Down Cushion: The shop you visit will most probably call it by these cushions by this name. It is softer than all-foam cushions. Its core has coiled springs with a foam box surrounding it. A thick layer of polyester fiber wraps around it. All these fit inside a down proof cover that is a mix of down and polyester fiber. The springs in the core provide a resilient feel while the down fiber gives softness that is its primary feature. This cushion type can hold its shape quite reasonably. However, you might need to fluff it regularly to keep its plump and soft appearance intact. If you can afford some time to look after your sofa then this is a good choice for you. It has just the right amount of softness that lasts for a long time.
  3. The Down Plush Cushion: This is the third basic category you find cushions in. Also known as blendown, it is the most luxurious and softest of all cushions. Its construction is behind its softness. A thinner foam layer that gets wrapped around in a thick layer of polyester fiber is at the core of this cushion. This is again wrapped in a much thicker layer which is a mix of down and poly-fiber. The high amount of down fiber makes it very soft and the relatively thin foam at the core adds to it. It feels like a pillow and changes shape easily when you sit on it. It requires high maintenance and regular fluffing to restore its loft and dimension.

This guide will prove helpful when you are choosing a sofa cushion. Ask your shopkeeper the right questions and get the perfect couch for your home.