Incredible Garden Décor Ideas With Waste Materials

Creative and innovative garden decorations from junk and waste materials are a great idea. Well, it not only saves some bucks but also contributes to the environment in a way that you would be recycling your household items. Use old aquariums, wooden sticks, plastic cans, old clothing, ladders, rocks and stones, and even birdhouses, to give a new look to your garden. Add a rustic and earthy touch by including small elements like old pots and pans too. Get some incredible recycled garden ideas to DIY right here!

#1: Use the Old Birdhouse to Decorate Your Garden

Birdhouses lying in the house seem to be useless. However, if you try to incorporate the junk into garden décor ideas, it is possible to come up with a masterpiece. For instance, convert those worn out birdhouses into the pot- holders for your home garden. Color them in red, yellow, green, pink, and gold, and hang them around the garden. It looks pretty and innovative.

#2: Use the Old Furniture as Planter

Instead of discarding old furniture, use it as a planter and try something different. From a tabletop to the drawers, everything can be turned into a planter. You can also plant flowers in tops and place them on the earthy looking furniture for a rustic feel.

Garden Décor Ideas With Waste Materials

Choose pallets to create recycled furniture like coffee table, sofa, shelves etc. These types of materials are optimal for use in your garden, as the wooden structures look brilliant in any exterior location. Make this a part of your garden decoration too.

#3: Use the Waste Cans for Garden Decoration Ideas

So many milk powder waste cans might be lying just like that! Did you ever think of converting those junk into something bright and colorful? Well, how about building bird’s nests in bright colors! Color those cans and hang them in the garden to create eco-friendly garden décor with a purpose – to house sparrows.

You can also recycle bigger cans to make lanterns out of them. Add lights and create a perfect ambiance for a summer evening in your garden.

#4: Use Worn Out Tired for the Garden

This is one amazing garden decoration idea from junk – tires. You can use tires for many purposes. Simply enlarge your vision and imagination. Make swings for kids or recycle tires to create flower pots and cover it with colorful fabric. If you do not like the dull black look of tires, use paint to color it in different patterns.

#5: Restore Those Old Ladders

Old ladders are easy to incorporate into design elements for a garden. Instead of throwing it away, simply reuse it and give a vintage touch to the garden. Ladders are, in fact, one of the best recycles garden design ideas that never fail. Out them in any corner of the garden and load the rungs with some photographs, candles, old books, and pots.

Recycled garden decorations provide a vintage décor to the garden and create a perfectly intimate ambiance.

Feel free to share how to decorate the garden with waste material tips and ideas. We’ll be glad to hear from you.