Why You Need To Declutter Your Kitchen Counter

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen simply out of the love for cooking or have a family to feed, you know the mess that becomes an outcome after every meal you cook. No one can work properly in a cluttered area. You cannot find the right items when you need them and it just demotivates you from putting up a scrumptious dish. Cleaning up every time you cook can be a hassle so use these permanent ways to declutter kitchen counters to make cooking fun and relaxing.

Say No To Wires

Keep appliances in close proximity to electrical outlets for efficient kitchen counter space management and to not have wires running all over the room. Use casing to cover up the wires visible on your backsplash for a clean look. This protects them from getting damaged due to the heat and spilling liquids. If you are in the kitchen most of the time, your phone is going to be there too. Creating a separate charging station will keep your phone safe and not block the other outlets when you need them.

Cookbooks And Magazines

Have a separate box or basket dedicated to your cookbooks and magazines. This way you can find what you need without looking for it everywhere. We think the best way to stop generating clutter from these books is by not subscribing to magazines randomly. You get most recipes and hacks online nowadays. Only subscribe to the ones you read religiously.

declutter kitchen counter

Check out your local newspaper stall to see if there is something in the magazine that sparks your interest and only then purchase it. Tear out the pages you think will come in handy later and make your own scrapbook. This way you can recycle the material and stop your kitchen from looking messy.

Storing Cleaning Supplies Properly To Declutter Kitchen Counter

Do not clutter the area around your sink with cleaning supplies. You could easily store them under the sink and grab them anytime you need it. It is not hygienic to have chemicals close to your edibles anyway. By using these solutions, you can easily access the cleaning supplies in times of need:

  • Use a tension rod to hang your spray bottles to quickly grab them without toppling other bottles over.
  • Keep garbage bags and cleaning tissues on a toilet paper roll to tear away the bits you need without pulling them up all at once.
  • Using a caddy to store all the soaps and detergents is a smart option for easy access.

These tips help reduce everyday mess and cut your squaring up time heavily. When you declutter your kitchen counter you will find a new energy to invent new dishes and your family will love you for the magic in your hands.