Organization Ideas For Efficient Storage In Your Small Kitchen

When you had first moved into your apartment, you may have been willing to make the limited space work but with an expanding clutter or possibly, new members in the family, it is getting too cramped up for you. Unlike, other areas in your house, you simply cannot push the clutter under the bed when you cannot deal with it. The kitchen area is crucial to any household and if you are not making the most of it, you are definitely missing out on having a peaceful and healthy lifestyle.

An efficient kitchen with versatile storage solutions makes your process of cooking much simpler and fun and here are some excellent small kitchen organization ideas to help you do so.

small kitchen organization ideas

Increase Room In Your Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are overcrowded with no proper space management, you should invest in proper organizers. You can pick them up at the craft stores or DIY it if you are on a tight budget. Here are some ways you can maximize storage in your cabinets:

  • Using stackable shelves can help you create extra rows to hold more cups or plates.
  • Mounting a pegboard inside or on the cabinet’s doors does help to hang pots and pans.
  • Using file holders can act as efficient storage solutions for saran wraps and Ziploc bags. The ones which have wider spaces can be used to hold trays upright to save space.
  • Adding a magnetic panel inside the cabinet door can help metallic cookware stick to it. Some people use this technique to store kitchen knives but the safety of this storage solution is debatable.

Storing Above Cabinets For Effective Small Kitchen Organization

Do not neglect the area above cabinets to store items used less frequently. Using mesh baskets can help categorize the food items to help you grab whatever you need. If you have a lot of pollution in your area, used covered boxes and label them accordingly.

Under The Sink

Do not waste the area under your sink as you can install effective storage solutions in that area. Here are a few tips that our experts recommend for you to organize a small kitchen:

  • Since this area is separated from the rest of your kitchen and you would not want to keep edibles near the pipelines anyway, use this area for storing your cleaning and trash items.
  • You can fix a tension rod to hang your spray bottles from it, to grab them quickly without toppling the others over.
  • Using toilet paper fixtures to hang garbage bags can help you quickly get one.

When these measures are adopted efficiently, they can help make cooking and dining a much easier process. We hope the small kitchen organization ideas that we have provided will motivate you to adopt a more healthy and utility-centric lifestyle in your kitchen area.