Smart Hacks for Organizing Small Living Space

Worried about staying in a small apartment? You can make a room look spacious and live comfortably in small spaces with certain simple tricks. The idea is to make use of your available space effectively by rearranging your furniture, investingin certain products, making use of the vertical wall space, using mirrors to create the optical illusion of a large roometc. Here are certain tips for organizing small living spacein the most effective way for better living.

Suggestions for Organizing Small Living Space

  • Two-in-One Furniture:One of the most effective small space living ideas is to make use of convertible furniture that solves an array of purpose. For instance, you can make use of a convertible coffee table that has additional storage space and you can even convert it into a small dinner table when required.
  • Open Shelves: You can maximize your living space with the use of certain tiny house hacks such as making use of open shelves in your kitchen. It would give an open, spacious and airy effect to your living room.
  • Bunk and Loft Beds: Bunk and loft beds form an inherent part of small space living furniture. You can make use of staggered multiple beds for accommodating three or more children. These beds perfectly fit into the room corners providing enough room for children to play.
  • Book Tower: In a small living space it is difficult to create many bookshelves for accommodating a huge number of books. The best way to organize your books is with the help of book towers.
  • Optimize Wall Space: Utilize your vertical ‘wall space’ by making use of folding desk, which you can use as a work table, craft station, cocktail bar and much more.

organizing small living space

Innovative Small Living Space Ideas

  • Huge Mirrors: Make your living space look large and airy with the use of mirrors.
  • Storage Space under Stairways: You can make full use of the space under your stairways as additional storage space. This area is overlooked most of the time.
  • High Drapery Rods: The best way for creating the optical illusion of a high ceiling is placing your drapery rod as close as possible to your ceiling.
  • Neutral Shades: Make use of earthy tones or neutral hues for creating an airy and spacious look in your house. On the other hand, bold colors make a room look smaller.
  • Invest in a Settee: It is difficult to accommodate a sofa in a small apartment. It is a good idea to replace your sofa with a settee for accommodating it perfectly in your small living space.
  • Hanging Lights: Instead of table lamps go for wall-mounted lamps or sconce in a tiny living room.

Make use of these simple tricks of organizing small living space and make your living room appear larger than usual. You do not have to blow your budget for incorporating these minor changes in your living space for making it look appreciably bigger and more spacious.