Top 6 Alternatives to Wardrobe and Cupboards

You might have a small house or plan to turn your room into a home office. Reasons like these call for better space management. If you look around your room you will find that apart from your bed, it is your wardrobe that takes up most of the space. There are plenty of alternatives to wardrobe and cupboards that you can consider to make more room in your house. Some of these ideas have been compiled below.

6 Best Alternatives to Wardrobe

  1. Clothes Rail
  • As simple as this idea sounds, it is a very good alternative to wardrobes as it takes up minimum space in your room.
  • A plastic or standard chrome finish rail might not look luxurious but it saves up on space that you can use for other purposes.
  • Get one in the color of your room or even contrast it with that shade and it will work wonders for you.
  1. Use the Unused Space
  • If your room is oddly-shaped you can even use up the angles and the headboards for storage purposes.
  • Turn the unused walls into shelves for bags, make adjustments for clothes hangers, and keep books on the headboard by installing shelves there too.
  • The space around your bed is best suited for this idea.
  1. Peg Rail
  • When you do not need the large storage capacity of a wardrobe, like in a guest room, you can simply put up peg rails with hooks.
  • It saves space while offering enough of it for hanging clothes.
  • Have a shelf go with it so that your guests can keep their shoes there too.

Alternatives to Wardrobe

  1. Half Wall Wardrobe
  • This is another neat way to save space in your room by getting two uses in one simple way.
  • Instead of a full wall separating two rooms you can have a half wall with an affixed wardrobe that will do the job.
  • Privacy remains intact while the space it uses remains the same as in a full wall.
  1. Apply Creativity: There are many creative ways other than the ones mentioned above that can change the look of your house while also freeing up space.
  • Hang a wooden branch with a sturdy rope or chain on both ends. Use it for hanging clothes on a hanger and use hooks for bags and accessories.
  • You can turn the simple wall rail into a front facing open closet by incorporating a customized shelf, rail and peg hanging system. The minimalistic design requires a level of dedication to keep it looking its best.
  1. Use Other Storage Options: If you find you have things left to store after dumping your wardrobe and following the steps above, you can always use other storage options.
  • A chest under your bed can accommodate your off-season clothes and other items you don’t need at that moment.
  • You can also use the built-in drawers in your bed for storage.

These were some of the steps that you can follow to make your room look tidy and get some extra space. They will help you decide which alternatives to wardrobe suit you the best.