Wedding Sparklers – Dos and Don’ts

A wedding is the celebration of two hearts starting a journey together and this jubilant day demands a lot of light to shine on their prosperity. Having fireworks in the sky on a wedding day like the fourth of July is beautiful but we have seen too much of it. Modern ceremonies are more centered on taking stunning photographs and using wedding sparklers on that day is the perfect excuse to do so. If you do not know much about these beautiful items of decoration, then you have come to the right place as we have the perfect guide for you on how to make them a part of your blissful day.

Things To Remember While Purchasing Wedding Sparklers

You need to take into consideration that the true beauty of these hand held fireworks will only come out in the evening or late at night. Buying them in bulk will make their value a lot of cheaper and anyway, you will need more of them than there is the number of guests. Although some guests will already have left since these will be photographed towards the end of the ceremony, it will not hurt for you to buy more.  If you want to take multiple shots, you will need sparkler replacements as they will burn out. Making your guests hold two or more at a time, enhance the lighting effect and increases the visual appeal of your photographs.

wedding sparklers

Safety Issues

Although these sparklers do not qualify as a major fire hazard, you might want to inquire with the venue management whether they would permit the usage of the article in their location. To ensure the safety of your guests, you might want to go for cold fires in the wedding sparkler selection. These do not cause harm to anyone and children can safely use them. We assume that the location will have the necessary fire management system, but ensuring that there is first aid can never hurt. Special care must be taken in disposing of these items as you would not want to litter the garden where the event shall take place. Making arrangements for decorated sand buckets can help your guests dispose of the sparklers properly.

Photography Styles With Sparklers

There is the traditional way of photographing the bride and groom walking through the gate made by their guests holding up wedding sparklers.  A lot of new innovative techniques can be incorporated in your photographs by changing the shutter speed of the camera and making designs with the sparklers. You can even write the couple’s name with the sparkler.  A lot of different kinds of types have emerged in the wedding sparkler selection.

We hope that these tips will be useful for you to be able to successfully make the beautiful wedding sparklers a part of your wedding and take stunning photographs that you can cherish forever.